Home slices and Bao besties

Dear reader,

This blog title, while fun to read, is a tad confusing, I agree. I was aiming for a delightful play on different ways to talk about about friendships. Before I forget - home slice is east coast slang for ‘best friends’ and bao are the best mashup of sweet savory pillow-soft dough dumpling heaven. Apropos of that; I'm from the east coast, and I had the best bao this weekend - but we'll get to that soon!

It’s month two of small business ownership and I'm happy to report I've got accomplishments and thanks to share! I like to think of the newsletter, IG stories, and blog for Premye as a sort of 'letter from the editor' where I share what’s up with me and hopefully offer you some space and time to transition to what’s next for you. That's a fancy way to set an intention for this blog ritual, and it’s esoteric as all get out, but it’s an offering none-the-less!

Some quick accomplishments to share - because some of you have helped! - I broke double digit sales last month and got to test and launch a new service! Thanks to the Lady of Rage for collaborating on an awesome custom tea blend! I also had several consultation style chats with friends and followers which really helped me get my #GreenWitchGrowing and herbalist bearings. Thanks also to @dawn.landix for agreeing to share her family's self-care routine in one of those chats (Dawn is a kickass crafty mom of homeschooled youngin's):

Yes girl. At 1 o'clock, everybody knows the drill. The girls head to the basement for reading and art videos on YouTube and the boys are in their room reading or playing with legos. We all meet back in the kitchen at 3 for a snack! Making this a mandatory part of our day has **saved **my **life** And I think that taking 2 hours for myself (out of 24) isn't asking for too much.

PS this message originally included brown clapping hands emoji where the asterisks are, and I wanted you to know that - but my laptop won't let me be great :-)


Life in #SlowSideHustle land is good, and life outside of it is pretty good, too! I traveled a lot this year mostly for work, but luckily I got to sneak in some fun personal travel this month. I spent about 60 hours in Chicago last weekend and it was glorious, y'all, despite that notorious Chicago winter wind! I preface this quick travelogue with the confession that air travel always makes me weird out a bit. Something about not having my feet on the ground while traveling at high speeds at altitude for several hours just throws me off… weird, huh? I got to see famous people like Reese Witherspoon, Abby Wambaugh and Luvvie Ajayi as part of a femme-focused story telling tour. I hung out with some dear friends - some new (hi denver crew!) and some deep (hey high school girl gang!). Oh, and I only had the best spa experience and bao-in-a-box meal of my life!


I also had super easy and short flghts for both legs of the trip - small miracles for the win! When I got back home, I immediately sunk into cozy homebody mode, and thanks to the dude and the cat and the dog and facetime sister chats…  the out of body weirdness that I get when I land quickly disappeared. The thing I wanted to share is that the bridge on both sides of those easy but still physically stressful flights where the people keeping me company on the ground. Yay for introverts appreciating time with loved ones :)

As I'm gearing up for the second half of the month, I am trying to keep staying grounded and in touch with my Denver community of family, friends and neighborhood folx. I'm keeping my calendar open for more tea dates (IRL or via DM's - hit me up, fam!) and I'm selling my blends at some of my favorite shops in metro denver! On Friday 11/23 I'll be at Rosehouse After Dark - a sort of pop-up shop party with a few other vendors, drinks and plant goodness. Then I'll be at RitualCrvft for their annual winter craft market where I get to hang alongside other witchy folx. Plus there are already a few more fun product and business things brewing for next year. I'm excited for 2018 to end and for 2019 adventures to begin?  

Thanks so much for coming along, frenz

Premye Filette