How often is your shop updated? How fresh are your blends?

I buy my herbs from local apothecaries in Denver and from US-based herbal distributors. Dried herbs and flowers typically have a shelf life of around 1 year where the key properties of the plant are still beneficial. Due to the nature of sourcing ethically and sustainably grown herbs, I make small batches monthly and suggest you consume them within 6 months of purchase to get the freshest possible flavors and aromas.

Do your herbal smoke blends contain narcotics?

I do not use any tobacco, cannabis or other narcotics in any of my products, including the smoke blends. That said, my loose smoke blend is perfect for mixing in your own additional ingredients. I do not make any claims or bear responsibility for experiences or reactions you may have when mixing my products with other materials.

PS. Lucky for me, I live in Colorado where medical and recreational cannabis is legal. I mention that because I think decriminalizing cannabis is important and visibility is part of that movement.

What is your shipping policy?

I ship domestic within the US and can ship internationally - please drop me a note for pricing. I use the United States Postal Service and their priority flat-rate options for all destinations, which include tracking. I currently also offer a local pickup option for online orders to Metro-Denver locations; check shipping options when ready to check out for details.

Please note - if you receive a package with contents damaged or missing, I’m happy to ship replacements free of charge ONLY IF you are able to send me clear photographs of the damage. Make sure to reply to the email confirmation I send with every order with a photo of the package.

Where do you make your products?

I’m super lucky to have worked at a few incredible maker spaces before creating a home studio! I’ve shared a lovely, sun-lit studio space with an awesome floral designer in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District before working out of “The Lab” at Rosehouse Botanica in the Baker neighborhood of Denver in 2019.

No matter where I dream up, blend up and ship my products, I am sure to work in allergen-reduced environments with plenty of good plant and spirit energy!

How do I order wholesale? Do you do special events?

I have had several small scale collaborations (10 to 150 units of custom teas) for local Denverites and would love to hear from you if that’s up your alley. I’d love to chat with you about your ideas for working with your shop / organization for small to mid-sized events, but at this time am not looking for large wholesale opportunities.

Curious about our blends and herbal formulation process?

Here’s my stance on herbs and herbalism: I am so excited to be a part of the resurgent interest in herbs and herbalism! I take a folk herbalist approach in addition to a formulary methods when designing and making products.

While I do not make health claims about Premye’s blends, I do strongly believe in the overall benefits of including plants and flowers in your daily life and encourage you to do your own research about herbs and how you personally interact with them. To read more about the brand, blends and the Lady Boss, check the About Premye and Blend Info pages.

Any other questions?

If there’s something you’re still curious about, you can reach me via handy contact form, here.