Fumee Te Herbal Tea Blend

Fumee Te Herbal Tea Blend


About the offering

Our signature herbal blend, Fumee Te can be enjoyed as a drink or smoked in a pipe or cigarette. The tea is a good “any time tea” and can be sipped hot, prepared over night as a room temperature morning tea, or served over ice. An ideal serving is one tsp of loose herbs in 8 oz of drinking water. Each tin comes with a reusable mesh tea bag and contains ~10 servings.

About the blend

Fumee Te is our signature herbal blend containing raspberry leaf, passion flower, rose petals, lavender, calendula, and mullein. The blend has a floral, earthy and fresh taste and aroma. Together these herbs can have a nourishing, soothing and grounding effect. The name of the blend comes from Haitian Creole and means ‘Smoke Tea’.

Things to consider

Please research and know your own interactions with these herbs. Passion flower especially can make some people very drowsy though in our own experience, the amount present in our serving size is not enough to induce sleep.

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