Fumee Te Rolled Smoke Blend

Fumee Te Rolled Smoke Blend


About the blend

Fumee Te is our signature herbal blend containing raspberry leaf, passion flower, rose petals, lavender, calendula, and mullein. The blend has a floral, earthy and fresh taste and aroma. Together these herbs can have a nourishing, soothing and grounding effect. The name of the blend comes from Haitian Creole and means ‘Smoke Tea’.

About the offering

These  herbal smoking blends are perfect for a moment of relaxation or a personal ritual of your own crafting. We suggest smoking these herbs similar to a cigar, enjoying the flavor and aroma in your mouth and nose without inhaling.

Our herbal smoke blends come in two forms, loose and pre-rolled. The pre-rolled tin is re-usable and contains 6 cigarellos, hand rolled in hemp paper with filter. Please see our FAQ for more info about our take on herbal cigarettes and smoking them in general.

Things to consider

As with all smoking products, anything that you burn and inhale isn’t great for your throat and lungs if done frequently and over time. We suggest smoking herbal blends similar to cigars - pull lightly, don’t inhale and let the smoke linger in your mouth to savor the flavor before you blow it back out and smell the aroma.

Please research and know your own interactions with these herbs. Passion flower especially can make some people very drowsy though in our own experience, the amount present in our serving size is not enough to induce sleep.

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