About the Brand

People, Plants, Premye.

At the end of the day, these three words sum up why we’re here. Plants are medicine. People are magic. Premye is our mantra.

Premye offers small dose self-care rituals in the form of caffeine free herbal “teas” (aka, tisanes), herbal smoking blends, and other herb-based items,

Premye means ‘First’ in Haitian Creole. When I use that word, in my ancestors tongue, it is to emphasize the priority we place on caring for ourselves, our communities, and our environment. It’s a reminder and and invitation to take time to make space. 

About the Blends

Here’s our stance on herbs and herbalism: we are so excited to be a part of the resurgent local and national interest in herbs and herbalism!

Our goal as a small business is to offer blends and products made from herbs that we know and trust, and to grow our own knowledge to share with you all.  When selecting and formulating our blends, we are equally inspired by the scientific, folk herbalist and our own empirical observations of each herb in the blend. We source our herbs as responsibly and economically as we can from local Colorado apothecaries and reputable distributors based in the US and craft offerings in small batches for freshness and flexibility.

While we do not make health claims about our blends, we do strongly believe in the overall benefits of including plants and flowers in your daily life and encourage you to do your own research about herbs and how you personally interact with them.


About the Boss Lady

Hey I’m Kim, and I started Premye to help me connect with people and plants on my journey into folk herbalism and community building. I have always loved tea and flowers, but it wasn't until I moved to Denver, CO from my hometown of NYC that I imagined I could do more with them.

I launched Premye in October of 2018 after three years of dreaming, two years of studying herbalism and a lifetime of loving tea. I'm an introvert and empath by nature, and as I settled into my decidedly more low key and relaxed western surroundings I kept meeting people and plants (yes, y'all I chat and chill w' plants) that helped me see the powerful connection between living with and using plants in our everyday lives. 

I pour my passion for people, plants and community into every offering and my dream is to be the person in my neighborhood who can whip up a brew or blend to help folx in my circle thrive, not just survive. 

I'm a family gyal happily partnered to my bestie for almost 15 years and we’ve got two fur babies who keep us happy and humble. I’m proud to be the first generation of my Haitian family to be born in the US. This informs my thoughts about privilege, the diaspora, indigenous cultures, appropriation and assimilation - among other things.

I think as business owners and citizens of the world, we should speak our beliefs. While I don't "have a head" for politics, I have to acknowledge that the 2016 presidential election galvanized my involvement in my local communities. A few longer terms goals for me with Premye are to forge strong relationships in an out of the herbalist community and work with hyper local farms and gardens. Denver is an amazing blend of new tech, old customs, promising and exploitative gentrification - and I'm excited to be part of a small but growing group of people who want to #Resist by helping their local communities be healthier, happier and more informed.